Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the Parents?

Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the parents? Why is that, well there are many reasons for it. This is not true for all kids, but most kids. This does not mean if you tell your kid to go to bed or stop watching TV and they don’t listen, they do listen to that. This is more of getting along with kid and understanding. Kids go to school every day, just as parents go to work. Kids learn new things from school and so do parents from work. Most if not all kids have lots of energy and want to use that energy for doing something, in school that’s what they do. When they come home they still have that energy and wants to do more with parents, but when parents come home from work they are so tired from work. So these are some of the kind of question kids get from parents, have done your home? Stop watching TV or stop playing the game now?

Finish your homework, if they have not. Clean up your room. as you may already know how these words are come out of parent mouth. Compare to Teachers questions for kids, How was your homework, did anyone had any trouble? I like your answer to number 2 question. You have improved your writing and reading skill since last year, etc… Who does not like positive and kind words? The teacher knows these by learning from one student to another and applying their skill to help another student. They know that not all kinds have same learning styles or ability to adopt new skills. So they customize it to fit their choice of learning.

Parents can do the same for their kid(s), in a positive manner. Most important thing is to learn what the kids are saying and asking you. This could be just simple as giving them a time or doing an activity together. Getting involved with kids and using their energy to grow in a free environment is a key. If you have many restrictions like don’t do this, don’t do that or giving them business kind of deal, if you do this then you get that. They will learn that too, it’s good to teach that skill, it’s needed these days in the real world. Teach them to do an everyday activity, of some kind and having a measurement of their success, can boost their energy. Just as we parents, working and doing great projects at work then at the end of completion, we want people’s feedback positive, same with kids, they want a positive response from you. We all have a negative thought and things we cannot control over, so then focus on positive what we can control, then your negative thoughts will be vanish because it’s no longer needed. This could be true for our positive thought, if we don’t use it then it’s starting to vanish. Same goes for our memory, energy, abilities too, it’s using it or lose it. It’s not permanent lost, but it could turn into one if it goes that way for a while.

What kind of things can you do with kids? There are many things, one these days is learning something new this could be every day or weekly or monthly. Making a list of things to do, as you do it, putting in as completed with a date and a little bit of information about it, so you can look back and see the big progress you have done. Doing exercises with a kid(s), it’s needed these days, because we are so much into working, working there is really no time for exercises. We make excuses, will do later, I am tired, will start tomorrow, which never comes. Playing guessing games, thinking or remembering games, adding, subtraction, etc… to help you as parents and kids. You will improve yourself along the way of helping your kid, and find things you did know. In the summertime, there is much more outdoor activity, but in winter options are limited, to indoor games. If you look around there are many options, you just have to do is look, let kids guide you through that part. All the best to kid and parents, comment below for others to find a useful activity to do.

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