Who is right and who is Wrong?

Every day and everyone has this questions throughout their life. Who makes that decision who is right and who is wrong? The answer to that question is each and everyone one of us. No matter if this question is for personal life or business or at work. If we do the work anything in our life, without thinking about it at all, it’s the right thing. This does not mean do business without planning or live your life without planning, what I know is an action that we do every moment in our life. As Soon as we starting to think about it and create that second thought about the fruit of the result, that is the wrong thing. Just look back on your childhood life, when we are just kinds, and may even look at our own kids, you will see the truth in them. We create want and need for our self when we think about what we going to do, and that creates the intention which we call it right, wrong, good or bad based on that result. To separate the right result from the wrong result is simple, when action has done without thinking is right, because there was no intention behind it like I am going to reach, or famous, or whatever you thought about it. The result might be good or bad from other side based on their viewpoints, truth from the action without intention will come forward. You can take a look at many businesses get rich and failed and many do their day to day business and survive from downhill bad times. Some people get away with fooling others, but it ketchups to them, as they fill their moments of good times.
We, humans, are same no matter the gender, color of our skins or age, what makes us different is our action behind our intention. Some people believe in God and some don’t do that make another person bad? No, it only makes them bad if their inner intention is bad. Our life meant to be like heart bit, some days are good and some days are bad. Just look at people who are happy, and then go look at closer and see if they are really happy. It’s like when you looking at the mountain from far away, it looks beautiful, as you get closer and closer, you will see reality. It’s same for our lives, business, and work, we see other doing less work and get lot more. As the person learns more about that work and process then understands why that person gets what they get. All of these points play role in right and wrong it all depends on how you understand and your intention of it. These days, our life is so busy, we don’t have time to eat food, be with family, or just relax without thinking about our work or what’s next in list to do.

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