Is there a God?

Many people believe there is a God, and every one of us has our own believes so we have our own God, based on our beliefs.  What is the real answer to this question?  It seems like the simple answer is yes if you believe in it and No if you don’t.  The reality is there is God, but not the one you think as in our religions.  The word God is we all known and is a language that we all understand and agree on, that we are talking about God whether we believe or not is another matter.  If you believe in Hindu God, then there are so many if you believe in any other religions, which they only have one, you may ask why is that?  If you read each religion in details without having your mind closed to one belief, then you will get a big picture, with a connection to all into one word, we all agree there is a God (nature). 

Even though many people who don’t believe in God, but they still have their belief. Science gives many facts, which we have easy to accept, then nature way of guiding us to the path to our destination.

Once you are done reading this post you will see clearly, the word God and no matter what religions you believe, but will agree with me Good Of Deed (God or nature).  The deeper you go into one belief, without understanding the clear message of belief then you will come out confused. Some or many religions have turned into big businesses.  Making people think if you don’t believe in God, then you will be going to hell and suffer for externality.  The truth is heaven and hell is right here we are living day to day, but not able to see it, because there is too much of unclearly of what is right and wrong.  Think about it, no one wants to go hell, so they do whatever that makes them go to heaven.  Many people take good advantage of that and do business out of that, doing sales of God things, it could be books, status, images, etc.. I am sure you have gone through a hard time at least once in your lifetime and said God help me or why me. God answers you, but you cannot see it or hear it, only feel it and then as time goes by you start to see the answer to your question from God (nature or Good Of Deed).

The true God is within everything and everywhere, it could be human, animals, tree, water, etc..  You may ask how and why should I believe what I think or believe is true.  Well, you can believe whatever you want, but one thing that you will see in everything is a big circle, does not matter where you start, it could be top, right, bottom or left.  You will see throughout your lifetime or heard of stories and if you see the patterns, you will understand there is God, who keeps things in order and we all are part of his creation of circle birth, life, and death.  Many throughout history have tried to gain the system, to be in full power, but their intent of harming others has failed them and God has given them hell.  Others who have suffered for others God has taken care of them and give them heaven of happiness.

There are many people who have gone through books, videos and even schools for learning the religions and belief system.  Many who has when through and many have come out of it, by understanding and see a big picture of God (nature) and ever ending circle.  Many reasons we don’t see this big picture or circle because we are standing to close to it.  In order to see, you need to practice knowing yourself, understanding inside out, then outside in. We all have the same amount of power in our self, but why some are smarter and some are not?  Can those who are not smart be a smart one day?  or those who thinks or calls themselves smart are really smart?  Many questions and many answers based on what you believe and think of it.  You have full power to be whatever you want to be able to change yourself and world around you, there is only one rule, the law of nature which is God its self, which is also within you. You have good intentions, there is no one to stop you if you have bad intent well nature will stop you when you reach your limit, until that you will have time to change your intent and be happy or keep going and end up with unhappiness.

You know it and you feel it, may also get signs to follow it, along the way get lost, because our selfishness and intent of it get in.  Nature gives chance to correct our path and some takes and corrects it to open up for heaven, others who don’t will open up for hell. God is God, just as a father is a father, a mother is a mother, one who gave us birth, our source is and will always be the source, no matter what. These days, we grow up very fast and get a lot of knowledge and start to disrespect, our parents who are a source of our living. Some do respect but doing talk same languages, which makes them disconnected but the feelings will always be there, it’s the real God of nature.

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