How you could overcome Sadness

Everyone wants to be happy, but truth is, it cannot last forever and same goes for sadness.  You have to take a step back and think about it.  When you feel happy you don’t have time to think even for a moment, but when that time goes away and sadness takes over you.  It’s very hard to for you to pass the time.  So, how you can overcome the sadness?  It could be very easy as accepting the truth, know the cause and effect you are going through at the moment.  You might have heard somewhere “what goes around, it comes around”, that is the truth.  If you do everything right and nothing even for a moment you think of worse.  Like when you are helping someone or doing your normal everyday job, then there is nothing that could go wrong or to worry about.  If something does go wrong, it’s for the better future, at the moment you may not know.  Most of the times we don’t have moments to think about, and we react fast trying to void the truth.  These types of moments it’s very hard to relax because, within ourselves, thousands of questions arise within us.  If you practice it, slowly you will get it, it’s not something you learn overnight, just like you did not start walking or speaking overnight.  Try it, every time you feel sad, just breathe in and out 3-5 times fully and just focus on breathing, feel the air while you inhaling/exhaling.  You might already feel better.

One of the best things you can do is to be yourself in the moment.  Don’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, just live the moment, because no one knows what next moment will be.  We are so attached to our surrounding, that if someone trying to help or say something good for us, but our viewpoint is set, so everything goes the wrong way.  It’s like telling kids, don’t smoke it’s bad for you and they see you smoking.  We think many things in our head, but if you start putting on paper and see or read it, half of them are mixed with many things you don’t know or care about it.  What’s happening at the moment?  You don’t know it, because of all the thoughts in your head, so don’t waste your time and feel bad about the things you don’t have control over it.  What you should do is control what you can, like your action, reaction, behavior, and attitude.  Keeping positive and believe in yourself, makes a big difference in the long run.  The environment around you could also affect you, but there might so little you can do to change it.  If you take the first step, which is action and try the change you want to make then someday that could be the dream comes true.  Changing from bad to good takes a while, but it’s not impossible.

When you feel sad, just know it and accept it, and move on with it.  Talk to someone or write down on paper things in your head or say it out loud or even record it then read it or playback.  At the end of these practices, getting things out of your head will make you feel lighter and free from sadness.  You can do many other things like that which makes you happy, just do something don’t sit around and keep thinking in your head.  Don’t feel you are the only one who can do things, without you the world will end, don’t think so.  The world might not even know you and those who are family and friends might feel or have little hard times with or without you, but they will find a way to get around it.  So live your life freely, without hurting others, because if you do hurt others, then your turn might be next, you just don’t know when only time knows.  Just be happy, enjoy it, and feel better by keeping positive thoughts and attitude.

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