How to clear your mind

Clearing your mind is very simple yet very hard thing to do, but not impossible.  If you do the search on the internet you will find many articles, books, and videos talking about how to clear your mind.  I can tell you based on my own practice, that every person has to learn in their own way and one works for them.  There is no one size fit all solution to clearing your mind.  If you practice you can accomplish anything in the world because clearing your mind helps you focus and improves overall health.  All you have to do is practice whenever possible, it’s not necessary that you have to do every day or on a specific location.  As long as you do it, that’s what matters.  It does help if you set yourself a time when there are no distractions and less noise around you.  Early morning is the best time to clear your mind, do yoga and meditation.

What you should practice

Option 1: have more time on hand

  1. Just relax and feel your own self
    a.  Feel the air you inhale and exhales
    b.  Just focus on your own breathing or body parts.
  2. Stop thinking
    a.  Don’t go back in time, which makes you think about it
    b.  Don’t go in future, which make you think about should or would like to do

Option 2: When schedule is very busy with very little time

  1. Just do what you love to do 100%
    a.  If you are working, do one task at a time, don’t think about second task
    b.  If you are sitting, walking, or running, just focus on that activity, nothing else
  2. Breathing exercises
    a.  This can be done anytime and anywhere, just breathe in and fill your chest instead of the stomach.
    b.  Breath by pulling your stomach in and releasing it

There are many other activities like these you can do, just find the one that works for you.  One thing to keep in your mind, don’t overdo it or force your mind.  Also, when you are tired just relax because doing any activity when you are tired just gets worse.  If you are getting a headache, it’s most likely because there is something that troubles you, which you may or may not know about it.  Best ways to clear up is talk about it, if possible with someone or say it out loud.  Sometimes it helps if you just write it out whatever you are thinking, then read it and see if it makes any sense, by the time you have done, your headache will be long gone.  Hope this helps someone out there, practice makes perfect, perfection comes afterward, then comes success.

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