Finding happiness inside of you.

These days we all work harder to keep up with demands of our needs and yet still be unhappy and looking for more or looking around to see what others are doing.  If you want to be happy then you should look at your self first and ask questions why am I not happy?  You will not get any answers right away, but if you keep asking the big why am I not happy, then you will get clear answers and path to happiness will open up to you.  What is the reason you might find is you may be doing what most of us do is looking for happiness in others and around us.  When we see people at work, or friends, family, etc.. we think they are so happy, why can’t I have a life like that.  Well you can, all you have to do is dig into your self and see, how you like tomorrow, not yesterday, then start to apply in today’s action plan, slowly but surely you will see your life starts to change, before you know it it’s all the happiness you were looking elsewhere, were right inside of you.

It’s not easy as it sounds, of course, you will have to work on that, every day until you are happy.  Make a list of things you want to change your life.  Start with the small thing that you can do right away and big things, for later.  You may ask what kind of list?  Well, it all depends on what you trying to change to be happy.  It could be your work, that you are not happy because you are so busy from morning to the end of the day.  You could start by making a list of what you need to do and start doing one at a time.  Whatever you did not finish, at the end of the day, make a note and take action first thing next morning.  As you do these you going to get better every day, soon you going to see there is not much to do, then start working on what could be done to make it better at what you do every day.  You could do the same thing for home, or anything you feel you do your best but never have time.

When you feel like whatever you doing does not work, or get negative thoughts starts to enter your mind, then do a full stop.  Now relax, take a deep breath, 3 times in hail from the noise and exhale from a mouth.  Now find a few minutes of your day, possibly early morning because your mind is clear, just a few minutes and close your eyes and go through your days or months of efforts and see where you are going wrong.  You may have to practice this few times, and then if you still do not see, then ask yourself, is your intent of your work was for your own good only or to harm others, or take advantage of others?  If your intent was good, pure then there is nothing to worry, you just have to keep going and time will take care of the rest.  If your intent was bad then you can do anything, but results will be unhappy.  You may find few moments of happiness, but rest of your time will be unhappy, and slowly it will just get bigger problems.

You can only be happy if and only if your intent of doing anything is pure from your mind of self-benefits or harming others, this could be one person, business, or the whole world.  Our intent of going to work to get something back, like going to work every day to get paid, so we can pay the bills and take care of our needs or wants, which are endless.  Have you heard anyone going to work, free without any intent behind it?  Think a little bit, people who are very rich they don’t have to go to work to pay their bill right, do they?    You would think no, but the answer is yes, they do because they created a bigger expanse of their self.  When they did not have any money and worked hard to get that money, at the same time their needs and wants grew with it.  They are still unhappy, in a way, so just be happy, with what you have and keep your intent pure as possible, because your mind will keep trying to do get few moments to drive you to believe there is more happiness elsewhere.  That’s why in Indian word “Karma” meaning work which you have full control over it and results are based on your intent.

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