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Access to the Super power anyone can have

We all have the superpower at our own will, if we want, no matter who or what you are.  Superpower comes with super responsibility if you don’t take responsibility then it can turn around affect you.  What if you have

Is there a God?

Many people believe there is a God, and every one of us has our own believes so we have our own God, based on our beliefs.  What is the real answer to this question?  It seems like the simple answer is

Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the Parents?

Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the parents? Why is that, well there are many reasons for it. This is not true for all kids, but most kids. This does not mean if you tell your kid to go

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Finding happiness inside of you.

These days we all work harder to keep up with demands of our needs and yet still be unhappy and looking for more or looking around to see what others are doing.  If you want to be happy then you

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Are you trying to loose that fat without starving?

Everyone wants to be fit and find out the secret to what makes us fat? People starve to themselves and go on diet, then they go back right where they started, I am sure you have asked a question to

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Who is right and who is Wrong?

Every day and everyone has this questions throughout their life. Who makes that decision who is right and who is wrong? The answer to that question is each and everyone one of us. No matter if this question is for

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How you could overcome Sadness

Everyone wants to be happy, but truth is, it cannot last forever and same goes for sadness.  You have to take a step back and think about it.  When you feel happy you don’t have time to think even for

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How to clear your mind

Clearing your mind is very simple yet very hard thing to do, but not impossible.  If you do the search on the internet you will find many articles, books, and videos talking about how to clear your mind.  I can

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