Are you trying to loose that fat without starving?

Everyone wants to be fit and find out the secret to what makes us fat? People starve to themselves and go on diet, then they go back right where they started, I am sure you have asked a question to yourself and trying to find out why? Well, find a good moment when you are fresh and relaxed, to a flashback in your memory of time, answers are there. I am going to walk you through to find that answer, first thing is to think about it when you were the fit person you, it could be few years or back when you were a child.

Once you find that moment take a very good look at that moment from all angel, for few minutes without any other thoughts.  Now slowly go forward and keep that fit image in mind and when you see the difference, then stop at that moment and compare it with the fit image.  Your mind big screen TV, there is no limit in size or viewing angle only from the front, you are in it, so absorb it from all angel.  You might wonder what’s the use in looking at that vs. today’s image, but the truth is in that fit image and changing image you are looking at it.  You did become fat overnight, it took few months, or years.  Now keep going forward slowly, until you find another big change in yourself.

While still having your fit image in your mind slowly come out and look at yourself and feel it.  Is the fit image of you is what you want to be, then actions need to be taken.  Here are some key points you can practice every day of your life for few weeks to come and you will find your self-fit in no time.  Number one don’t think that you want to lose weight or need to eat less and do lots of exercises.  What you really want to do is take the image of well fit from past and see it in future, like if you are already fit and well.  I know this is not easy to do when you looking at your self every day and comparing others who are fit.  Once you have a clear image of your self-fit, then you can start the action plan, not be starving, but when you eating just focus 100% of your moment on food.  As if you were part of every bit that goes in.  If you are eating fast, then need to slow down on how fast you eat, you may not able to do this in a day or week, but as you practice you will see a big difference.

After few weeks of practice, if you notice the amount of food you eat will decrease, without starving or even thinking about it.  You may ask how is that possible, my food intake decrease by its self and not feeling like starving yourself?.  The big difference is now when you are easting you giving more time and feeling the food before you were just feeling the body until it gets full.  Every day if you just fill your body, without feeling it then that stomach gets bigger and bigger, that’s how you have been building your fat.  Remember you still want to keep your fit image in your everyday life, not to feel or think about today’s image but the fit image.  The second part of the action is some kind of exercise, it could be just taking walk, or run for a little bit or just going to GYM.  Set a time that works for you, start with little and increase as you feel better, remember you are not thinking about losing fat, you just doing normal day to day exercise and looking at your fit image.  Also, drink lots of water to fill your body, so it helps you to stay healthy, it is no brainer, any doctor will tell about drinking water is good for you.  Last but not the least is keep your mind positive, no matter what you are today because tomorrow you will be living the fit.

To summarize it all key points:

  • Looking at your fit image
  • Eating very slowly while feeling each bit
  • Drinking lots of water
  • Doing exercise to stay fit, not for losing fat

These days are technology days, so many disruptions, in our lives, but one that really taking a big toll on is while eating having technology right in front of you or you will hear the alert on your phone or other smart devices.  So all we do is fill our body with food and it turns into fat.

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