Active and fit lifestyle

The newer generation with technologies in our life, we have to be more Active and well fit. Our life changes slowly towards lazy and overweight, but don’t realize it until it’s very noticeable. Sometimes we try a little bit here and there and give up, because we don’t see the results, but think about it, how and when you got to this unfitted life? It starts very slow one micro-step at a time and repeating over and overbuilds up your habits and before you know it results in front of you. Take action now even if it’s small with or without visual results. We may know very well some point in our life, the effects of bad instant vs. good. When you do good it benefits come in very slowly, it may not be in the same form as you expected. We all want everything that is good only, no one wants bad, but we still get it why? It’s due to what we really want when you say I want something and right after that you say I don’t want or how is that possible or I am not capable or I don’t deserve it etc… which goes many times more again what you wanted. Being active and fit is something you really want, but all other negatives reversing you are really wanted. So it’s time to take action now.

The first thing to do is make a list of the everyday current lifestyle you are living from morning until night. Every detail you can think of just write it down, don’t question anything at this point. This will include what you do from opening your eye in the morning until you close your eye at night. What you wear, eat, exercise, work, personal, etc… Some of all of these things from birth to now you are made of it, which include non-physical forms, such as your thoughts, feeling, beliefs,s, etc…

Once you have your current list, now make very small changes to improve it, which you have total control over it. No need to go extreme, whatever you decided to improve believe it 100%, if you hear your reasoning mind arguing with you, then you are not 100% with your change. There will be a time your mind will make you think it’s not possible, just replace your negative with a few positive and re-focus on your improvement. Take a very easy otherwise you will do more harm, than good. Slow and steady you will start to see and feel the activeness and lifestyle you want. There is more power in your mind than your body because your mind controls your body. Just believe in yourself and you can have an active/fit lifestyle you always wanted.

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