Access to the Super power anyone can have

We all have the superpower of our own will, if we want, no matter who or what you are.  Superpower comes with super responsibility if you don’t take responsibility then it can turn around affect you.  What if you have this superpower to do anything you want?  Only limits are yourself, you just have to remember you are responsible for everything, so if you think of good then good will be done, if you think of bad then bad will be done.  Think about your current life and see if you have this superpower at your own will or not, by lifting your attached self and seeing the big picture.  This can be done in a very short time or can make a life-long practice to see.  No matter what you believe the ultimate truth is you came to earth with an empty hand and leaving with an empty hand.

The start of accessing superpower is being disciplined, having positiveness the majority of the time while you are in your consciousness.  More of what you think, say, act, feel and repeat of is what you get more of.  So we need to change the way we think, say, do things, in order to change and gain access to superpower.  Otherwise, the default option is always down the hill and things around you will push you around.  When we start to live in now rather than in the past or in the future, more enjoyment and awareness we get.  It’s easy to say than done because your old self will keep pulling you down.  Makes you feel like you are getting sick or having issues, but that’s just a sign of you are moving away from your old self.  Many times that’s where we all stop and your old self wins over you, which means you are not in control.

We all have done things in the past that you said I will do this and that this never gets done or keep pushing off by excuses.  Repeating that saying I will do this and not get done, will just adding negatives beliefs within you, and anytime you try to do new things it will keep you down.  The best thing you can do is nothing or do what you say with a belief of 100% is the key to changing your life from non-controlled.  This will be starting block of getting a superpower.  Even a very small change in thought, feeling, the act will create a big reaction to keep yourself down.

Just be in the moment, de-attach to everything and everyone, you will feel more energy and see things in whole new ways.  Moments like these do not happen for a long time, just a few seconds but it will feel a lot longer and want more of it.  When you ask questions or start getting an attachment you lose it in split second from that superpower.  Practice whenever possible of focusing on one thing it could be anything and see how long you can keep that focus without any attachment.  If you practice this, you will start to feel the superpower, which gets stronger.  Things around you will start to change, people will start to notice your things differently, due to positive power increase within you.  Before you know it everything you do just happens like magic to others, but to you is all normal.  That’s when you have a superpower within you.

The only thing about keep the superpower is need to be used for a good cause, any use of personal reason and superpower will start to lose its energy, things will not go the way you want, that will be a sign of you are heading in the wrong direction, it’s time to change or ready for self-distraction.  Many people have got these types of powers, but their ego or selfishness has brought them down.

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