Access to the Super power anyone can have

We all have the superpower at our own will, if we want, no matter who or what you are.  Superpower comes with super responsibility if you don’t take responsibility then it can turn around affect you.  What if you have this superpower to do anything you want?  Only limits are yourself, you just have to remember you are responsible for everything, so if you think of good then good will be done, if you think of bad then bad will be done.  Think about your current life and see if you have this superpower at your own will or not, by lifting your attached self and seeing the big picture.  This can be done in a very short time or can take life long practice to see.  No matter what you believe the ultimate truth is you came to earth with an empty hand and leaving with an empty hand.

The start of accessing superpower is being disciplined, having positiveness majority of the time while you are in your consciousness.  More of what you think, say, act, feel and repeat of is what you get more of.  So we need to change on the way we think, say, do things, in order to change and gain access to superpower.  Otherwise, the default option is alway down the hill and things around you will push you around.  When we start to live in now rather than in the past or in the future, more enjoyment and awareness we get.  It’s easy to say than done because your old self will keep pulling you down.  Makes you feel like you are getting sick or having issues, but that’s just sing of you are moving away from your old self.  Many times that’s where we all stop and your old self wins over you, which mean you are not in control.

We all have done things in the past that you said I will do this and that this never gets done or keep pushing off by excuses.  Repeating of that saying I will do this and not get done, will just adding negatives beliefs within you and anytime you try to do new things it will keep you down.  The best thing you can do is nothing or do what you say with a belief of 100% is the key to changing your life from non controlled.  This will be starting block of getting a superpower.  Even very small change in thought, feeling, the act will create a big reaction to keep yourself down.

Just be in the moment, de-attach to everything and everyone, you will feel more energy and see things in whole new ways.  Moments like these do not happen for a long time, just a few seconds but it will feel a lot longer and want more of it.  When you ask questions or start getting an attachment you lose it in split second from that superpower.  Practice whenever possible of focusing on one thing it could be anything and see how long you can keep that focus without any attachment.  If you practice this, you will start to feel the superpower, which gets stronger.  Things around you will start to change, people will start to notice you things different, due to positive power increase within you.  Before you know it everything you do just happens like magic to others, but to you is all normal.  That’s when you have super power within you.

The only thing about keep the superpower is need to be used for good cause, any use of personal reason and superpower will start to lose its energy, things will not go way you want, that will be a sign of you are heading the wrong direction, it’s time to change or ready for self-distraction.  Many people have got these types of powers, but their ego or selfishness has brought them down.

Is there a God?

Many people believe there is a God, and every one of us has our own believes so we have our own God, based on our beliefs.  What is the real answer to this question?  It seems like the simple answer is yes if you believe in it and No if you don’t.  The reality is there is God, but not the one you think as in our religions.  The word God is we all known and is a language that we all understand and agree on, that we are talking about God whether we believe or not is another matter.  If you believe in Hindu God, then there are so many if you believe in any other religions, which they only have one, you may ask why is that?  If you read each religion in details without having your mind closed to one belief, then you will get a big picture, with a connection to all into one word, we all agree there is a God (nature).  Read more ›

Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the Parents?

Why do kids listen to Teacher, not the parents? Why is that, well there are many reasons for it. This is not true for all kids, but most kids. This does not mean if you tell your kid to go to bed or stop watching TV and they don’t listen, they do listen to that. This is more of getting along with kid and understanding. Kids go to school every day, just as parents go to work. Kids learn new things from school and so do parents from work. Most if not all kids have lots of energy and want to use that energy for doing something, in school that’s what they do. When they come home they still have that energy and wants to do more with parents, but when parents come home from work they are so tired from work. So these are some of the kind of question kids get from parents, have done your home? Stop watching TV or stop playing the game now?

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Finding happiness inside of you.

These days we all work harder to keep up with demands of our needs and yet still be unhappy and looking for more or looking around to see what others are doing.  If you want to be happy then you should look at your self first and ask questions why am I not happy?  You will not get any answers right away, but if you keep asking the big why am I not happy, then you will get clear answers and path to happiness will open up to you.  What is the reason you might find is you may be doing what most of us do is looking for happiness in others and around us.  When we see people at work, or friends, family, etc.. we think they are so happy, why can’t I have a life like that.  Well you can, all you have to do is dig into your self and see, how you like tomorrow, not yesterday, then start to apply in today’s action plan, slowly but surely you will see your life starts to change, before you know it it’s all the happiness you were looking elsewhere, were right inside of you. Read more ›

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Are you trying to loose that fat without starving?

Everyone wants to be fit and find out the secret to what makes us fat? People starve to themselves and go on diet, then they go back right where they started, I am sure you have asked a question to yourself and trying to find out why? Well, find a good moment when you are fresh and relaxed, to a flashback in your memory of time, answers are there. I am going to walk you through to find that answer, first thing is to think about it when you were the fit person you, it could be few years or back when you were a child.

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Who is right and who is Wrong?

Every day and everyone has this questions throughout their life. Who makes that decision who is right and who is wrong? The answer to that question is each and everyone one of us. No matter if this question is for personal life or business or at work. If we do the work anything in our life, without thinking about it at all, it’s the right thing. This does not mean do business without planning or live your life without planning, what I know is an action that we do every moment in our life. As Soon as we starting to think about it and create that second thought about the fruit of the result, that is the wrong thing. Read more ›

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How you could overcome Sadness

Everyone wants to be happy, but truth is, it cannot last forever and same goes for sadness.  You have to take a step back and think about it.  When you feel happy you don’t have time to think even for a moment, but when that time goes away and sadness takes over you.  It’s very hard to for you to pass the time.  So, how you can overcome the sadness?  It could be very easy as accepting the truth, know the cause and effect you are going through at the moment.  You might have heard somewhere “what goes around, it comes around”, that is the truth.  Read more ›

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How to clear your mind

Clearing your mind is very simple yet very hard thing to do, but not impossible.  If you do the search on the internet you will find many articles, books, and videos talking about how to clear your mind.  I can tell you based on my own practice, that every person has to learn in their own way and one works for them.  There is no one size fit all solution to clearing your mind.  If you practice you can accomplish anything in the world because clearing your mind helps you focus and improves overall health.  Read more ›

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